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Doctoral Mom Incorporated is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was created to provide support to mothers in doctorate programs. Originating on Facebook in 2019, the Doctoral Mom Group now assists more than 5,000 students and graduates by providing online programs, scholarships, and support groups. Doctoral Moms represent 100+ colleges and universities and are located in 100+ countries. 

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 Our Mission 

To help mothers in successfully complete their doctorate program by reducing economic, social, and political barriers.


1 out of 4 female students are mothers

Source: IWPR analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 2015-16 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:16) and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Spring 2001 through Spring 2017, Fall Enrollment component.

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 Our Vision 

To give future generations access to academic, career, and entrepreneurial opportunities by empowering their mothers.


1 of 2 student parents are single and work full-time with fewer financial resources to fund their education. 

Source: Staff, S. I. (2019, October 11). Student parents in the US: 5 facts & figures about them. Study International. https://www.studyinternational.com/news/student-parents/.

 Our Members  

Our Doctoral Moms represent 100 + colleges and 100 + countries. In 2 years, our membership has grown 4,500 + individuals. 


2 of 3 student parents are People of Color (Approximately 30% African American, 20% Hispanic, 10% Asian). 

Source: 8 Things You May Not Have Realized About Student Parents. National University. (2020, November 30). https://www.nu.edu/resources/8-things-you-may-not-have-realized-about-student-parents/.

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Our Stories
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—  Dorothy M. Thomas Scholarship Winner

This entire journey is surreal. I am a single mother of two, a 21-year-old senior in college and an 11-year-old in 5th grade (I know, what an age range) that depend on me for everything. I am their mother, their role model, nurse, counselor, advocate, chauffeur, lawyer, tutor, personal shopper, etc. I wear so many hats and take on every challenge that's presented to me with kindness, grace, tenacity, passion, dedication, and a sense of urgency because I know my children are watching my every move. I also have a host of students that I've worked with, nieces, nephews, my parents, siblings, and other family members that are waiting in the wings for me to complete this degree and become the first in my family to hold, to EARN such prestigious honors. I don't take that lightly. I tackle every assignment like it's my last and my grades reflect that. I don't sleep much between juggling so many tasks and I wouldn't change one thing about this journey.

I've had to overcome many obstacles on this Ph.D. journey and life in general. There is no plan b for me, I must finish and I am on course to complete my degree by December 2021/January 2022. The biggest obstacle that I've had to overcome was having enough confidence and stamina to apply, get accepted into a program, and know that I can do this while working full-time, caring for my children, and showing others that despite life not being 'perfect' the first step in realizing your dreams is believing in yourself and not being afraid to go for it!!! I didn't have all the answers initially and I still don't, but something I know is I am almost DONE. I've had to adjust work, personal life, and learn to tell people NO I can't hang out, No I can't talk right now, NO I can't come over, and NO I can't spend time on leisure activities because I have to study. My family has adjusted their lives as well to help me along the way.

Another obstacle that my children and I had to overcome was moving away from all of our family members and taking a job at my son's college to help finance his education.  I decided to apply for a Ph.D. program after he completed his sophomore year (crazy right). I wanted to provide him with virtually free education but also show him and my daughter that it's possible at any age and stage of life to go after your dreams. My son and I will be graduating back to back. That is an accomplishment that I can't even put into words to describe how that makes me/him feel. We've already planned a huge photoshoot and party to celebrate! This degree is not just for me but for everyone that has been told no or has faced any type of challenge getting into the Academy. I stand in solidarity for you ALL!!!

Northcentral University

Our Leaders
Dr. Brittne Martin

CEO and Founder 

Marketing Leader with expertise in Business Development, Career Advising, Higher Education, and Personal Branding

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I started Doctoral Mom Incorporated to assist my peers with navigating the doctorate process. Moreover, we face a number of unique needs by balancing school, work, motherhood, and relationships. I was a first-generation, minority, low-income student and now I am creating opportunities to women across the globe. I welcome you to support this incredible mission by volunteering or donating.

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Dr. Samose Mays

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Dr. Sheila Yarbrough


Judy Bowie, MA

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Dr. John Palmer

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Stephen George Jr.

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