Doctoral Mom Incorporated is a nonprofit that was created to provide support to mothers in doctoral programs. Whether students need guidance on navigating through their program or motherhood, Doctoral Mom is here to give them guidance. 


Originating on Facebook, Doctoral Mom began in January 2019. The Doctoral Mom Group currently represents more than 3,000 students and graduates. These mothers attend over 50 colleges and universities throughout the United States. The Doctoral Mom Group has also begun gaining international recognition.


Dr. Brittne Martin, founder of Doctoral Mom, started this group and blog to bring together this unique group of phenomenal women. During her program, she became the proud mother of 2 boys and 1 girl. Dr. Martin finished her program in 3.5 years, defending her dissertation while she was in labor with her son.


Members of the Doctoral Mom Group are also welcome to submit blog posts related to their education, career, or lifestyle. Ready to help someone complete through their program? Willing to give advice on motherhood? Are you a grandmother completing your doctorate? We would like you to share your story.


For more information in writing for the Doctoral Mom blog, please contact us at info@doctoralmom.com.

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