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Dissertation Match Program

Connect With Doctoral Moms

and gain valuable insights into your business? Doctoral Mom Incorporated offers a unique platform for companies to be paired with motivated dissertation students who can conduct research studies about their business operations, challenges, and opportunities. By participating in this program, you have the chance to contribute to academic research while potentially receiving valuable findings and recommendations tailored to your organization.


As a participating company, you will be added to our list of potential research partners. Doctoral students seeking industry-specific case studies or research subjects will have the opportunity to explore this list and express their interest in partnering with your company for their dissertation work. While the pairing is not guaranteed, this initiative aims to facilitate connections between eager students and organizations willing to support their academic endeavors.


Annual Fee: $199


Disclaimer: Please note that Doctoral Mom Incorporated serves as a platform to connect doctoral students with potential research partners. We do not guarantee or manage the pairing process. The responsibility for initiating and managing the collaboration lies with the interested students and companies. Doctoral Mom Incorporated is not liable for the outcomes, deliverables, or any disputes arising from the partnership.


Join our list of research partners and contribute to cutting-edge academic studies while gaining insights into your own business. Be part of the collaborative journey between doctoral students and industry leaders.


Key Advantages of Partnering with a Dissertation Student: 


1. In-depth analysis: Dissertation students are often required to conduct extensive research and analysis on specific topics. By focusing their dissertation on a company, they can provide a thorough and detailed examination of various aspects of the business, such as its operations, processes, strategies, or challenges. This in-depth analysis can uncover insights and opportunities that the company may have overlooked or provide a fresh perspective on existing practices.


2. Data-driven insights: Dissertation students have the expertise to collect, analyze, and interpret data effectively. They can utilize research methodologies, statistical analysis, and other techniques to generate data-driven insights that can help companies make informed decisions. These insights can be particularly valuable in areas such as market research, customer behavior analysis, performance evaluation, or process optimization.


3. Innovative ideas and recommendations: Doctoral students are encouraged to think critically and propose innovative solutions to complex problems. By studying a company, they can offer fresh ideas and recommendations to address specific challenges or capitalize on opportunities. Their academic background and research expertise enable them to bring a unique perspective and potentially introduce novel approaches to problem-solving within the company.


4. Academic collaboration: Collaborating with a dissertation student provides an opportunity for companies to establish a relationship with academia. This collaboration can lead to fruitful partnerships, knowledge exchange, and ongoing engagement. It allows companies to tap into the academic community's expertise, access the latest research findings, and potentially explore future collaborative projects.


5. Professional development: Engaging with dissertation students can contribute to the professional development of company employees. Students may conduct interviews, surveys, or observations within the organization, providing employees with an opportunity to reflect on their work, share insights, and participate in research activities. This engagement can foster a culture of learning, research, and personal growth within the company.


6. Long-term impact: The research conducted by dissertation students can have a lasting impact on companies. The findings and recommendations from the dissertation can inform strategic decision-making, influence operational improvements, drive innovation, or contribute to the company's knowledge base. The long-term benefits of the research can extend beyond the immediate scope of the dissertation project.


By collaborating with dissertation students, companies can leverage their research skills, analytical abilities, and fresh perspectives to gain valuable insights, solve complex problems, and foster a culture of innovation within their organization.


Doctoral Students Face Challenges Identifying a Company


1. Access and permissions: Gaining access to companies and obtaining permissions to conduct research within them can be challenging. Companies may have restrictions on sharing sensitive information or granting researchers access to their operations, employees, or data. Negotiating access and securing the necessary permissions can be time-consuming and require building relationships and trust with company representatives.


2. Limited company interest: Not all companies may be interested in participating in research studies for various reasons. They may have concerns about potential disruption to their operations, confidentiality issues, or a lack of perceived benefits from participating in the research. Finding companies that are willing to collaborate and share their resources and data can be a hurdle for doctoral students.


3. Research alignment: Doctoral students need to find companies that align with their research interests and objectives. Identifying companies that are relevant to their research topic, have the desired characteristics or challenges to study, and fit within the scope of their research can be challenging. It may require extensive research and exploration to find suitable companies that align with their research goals.


4. Time and resource constraints: Doctoral students often have limited time and resources to dedicate to their research. Identifying and approaching companies, negotiating access, and conducting research within the company's setting can be time-consuming. Doctoral students need to balance their academic commitments, research activities, and engagement with the company, which can add additional pressure and time constraints.


5. Data availability and confidentiality: Companies may have strict data confidentiality policies or concerns about sharing proprietary information. Access to relevant and sufficient data for the research study may be limited, making it difficult for doctoral students to collect and analyze the data they require. Negotiating data availability and ensuring confidentiality can pose challenges in conducting research within a company.

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