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Step Into Your Greatness

3 Babies In 2 Years. A Story of Hope, Strength, and Determination.

About a year into my doctoral program, I learned that I was pregnant. After taking multiple pregnancy tests, I finally decided to go to the doctor’s office. While waiting in the exam room, I could hear the medical assistant and nurse chattering outside the door.

Moments later I asked, “Is the baby okay?” The medical assistant smiled and replied, “they are doing fine.” I immediately respond, “They?” I asked the medical assistant to recheck the ultrasound. She confirmed. Then, I asked the nurse to confirm. She confirmed. Confused, I asked the doctor to recheck. She confirmed. The doctor responded, “Ma’am, we have limited staff members today.” Laughter filled the room. I was in disbelief.

It was true, I was having twins. I had a slew of questions. How did this happen? Am I healthy enough to have two babies? Is there space in my house for two cribs? What happens if they cry at the same time? How much weight will I gain? How will I finish my program and work at the same time?

The most important question that I asked was, “Will I be a good mother?” This was the one question that I immediately knew the answer to, YES. Confidence was the one lesson that I learned from this experience. I knew I would be a great mother.

Throughout my pregnancy, I worked full-time and doubled my courses. I selected my dissertation chair and began creating an outline for each chapter. Most importantly, I called on my support group.

After the twins were born, my determination increased. I learned how to hold two newborns while simultaneously typing papers. When I returned to work from maternity leave, I used my lunch breaks to complete assignments. I was a veteran – mom, full-time employee, and student.

But, did I mention I was pregnant six months later? The same questions came back. Can I do this? ABSOLUTELY! I buckled down and started getting things down faster. I called my dissertation chair and informed her that I wanted to defend my dissertation before my third child arrived. And, I did. Despite caring for newborns and enduring pregnancy symptoms, I defended while I was in labor.

After hearing congratulations Dr. Martin, I went home and packed my bags for the hospital. I was a mother of three with a doctoral degree. When I decided to stop questioning myself, I stepped into my greatness.

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