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Countdown to Mother's Day: Day Five Melissa Packwood

In honor of Mother's Day, Doctoral Mom would like to introduce you to the amazing women that make up the Doctoral Mom group. Join us as we listen to their advice and stories. Melissa Packwood from the Keiser University is our day five guest for Countdown to Mother’s Day. Melissa is a single mother to three children with ASD and other special needs. Her area of study is psychology.

Motherhood What advice would you give to new mothers? "Sometimes you have to take a step back to get enough perspective to solve problems and deal with behavior challenges. Pushing an issue without giving space for a child to process the situation and make a better choice often leads to an unnecessary power struggle."

Doctoral Program What was the most challenging part about starting your doctorate? "When I began my doctorate, I was newly divorced, dealing with some very stressful situations, and had to also craft together a job to support my children. In order to be present for my children, I decided to build my business which is now doing quite well. I enjoy public speaking and consulting work. It's flexible, helps others, and fits my family's needs." What is/was your dissertation topic? "I'm studying whether there are long-term effects of economic abuse using measurement tools such as the DASS (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scales). If there are effects, this would be important for family court judges, lawyers, and guardians ad litem to know when making decisions and giving recommendations." Is there anything else you want us to know? "I am an ese teacher, education consultant, and PhD candidate. I believe we are in this together and should help each other out when possible. Together we can make a difference. I love that you are working hard to help moms achieve their goals."

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