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Awesome Women Throughout History with PhDs

March is Women’s History Month and to celebrate I thought we could celebrate the lives of some of the most amazing women in history. These are women who, despite many challenges, have earned their doctorate degrees. So, let’s look at these women and some of the amazing things they have achieved.

First let’s look at Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first female doctor and who has paved the way for so many wonderful women. Elizabeth became a doctor in the 1800s. She was rejected the first time by her school because she was a woman. We can only imagine the burden Elizabeth must have felt. But despite it all, Elizabeth tried once again and got accepted. (Biography: Elizabeth Blackwell, 2015)

I don’t think we can celebrate Women’s History and not celebrate Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, who in 1921 obtained her PhD in economics.

Sadie was the first black woman to earn a PhD. Dr. Alexander was named Woman of the Year in 1948, was the first black woman to pass the bar and practice law in Pennsylvania, and she was seated as chair of the White House Conference on Aging in 1947. She faced much discrimination and adversity throughout her journey was an advocate for equality. Sadie was one of the most amazing women history has ever seen. (Martinez, 2022)

Helen Magill White was the first American woman to earn her PhD. She earned her degree in 1877 and she worked as a college professor and a high school teacher. Helen became president of a university, and she was an advocate for women’s rights during the Women’s Suffrage Movement. (Martinez, 2022)

There is no doubt that women have been making history in incredible ways for a very long time. Women have brought us such incredible things and they will continue to stun us with their awesomeness.

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