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3 Steps to Build Muscle

By: Gregory Gray

So, many people have questions about the process of how to gain and or build muscle.

Step 1: Morale, this is key why? Because your body will release cortisol. This hormone stops the ability to breakdown fat. Going into every workout with the mindset of just getting better is key. Negative thoughts derail progress.

Step 2: Resistance training, there are only 6 movements your body can do. Push, pull, bend, twist, squat, and lunge the goal should be to master those movement patterns. Yes, form is important so you don't hurt yourself so getting a fitness professional to teach you how to move your body in time and space is key if your newer to exercise. 

Step 3: Recovery! What is recovery, well it is the rebuilding of tissues within the body. Thru nutrients you can rebuild the tissue at a faster rate. Massage, foam rolling, stretching can help move stale blood around and reduce soreness which in-turns allows you to continue getting better at different movements. Lets not forget sleep! Your body repairs itself while you sleep. what does this mean get at least 6 hrs!

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