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Doctoral Moms Speak

By Doctoral Mom Incorporated

Founded in 2019, Doctoral Mom Incorporated is a 501c3 organization that supports 7600+ mothers in doctorate programs. Doctoral Moms represent 100+ colleges and universities and are located in 100+ countries. Our Doctoral Moms have access to online programs, scholarships, and support groups.

Dr. Brittne Martin, Founder and CEO, interviews Doctoral Moms, their friends/families, and experienced professionals to learn about their academic, career, personal stories, and motherhood journey.

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NBC 5 awarded Doctoral Mom Incorporated "Making A Difference" Award

Doctoral Mom Incorporated is rapidly growing and we're proud to help these 7600+ incredible mothers.


Dr. Brittne Martin (Happy Single Mom Podcast) helps moms in PhD programs (Doctoral Mom). Donate for scholarships!

Happy Single Mom Podcast - Dr. Brittne Martin


Doctoral Mom is a non-profit that provides resources to mothers in doctorate programs. Help us reach $25,000 in 2021 to issue scholarships. Marketing Leader with expertise in Business Development, Career Advising, Higher Education, and Personal Branding. Proud Mother of 3 Toddlers - Mathias, Legacy, and Icon.

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