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An Inspiring Book Featuring a Visionary Author

Sistah Hooded TM Best Selling Book Stack

Sistah Hooded

By Dr. Julie Clockston

The Story

When deciding to earn a doctoral-level degree the stakes are high. It is a major investment in time, effort, and money. The stories in this collaboration present a down-to-earth representation of life on the doctoral journey. The authors are leading practitioners and researchers in their respective fields of social work and education, yet the outliers are applicable to any discipline. Each author has shared a part of their heart to give the reader keen insight into the life of a doctoral learner and more specifically a black woman on the journey. The stories deliver a unique form of transparency, encouragement, and support with one common theme: You can earn a doctoral degree despite marginalization, disability, or the heartbreaking challenges life may bring your way.

Dr. Julie and book sistah hooded

Visionary Author Bio Dr. Julie Clockston

Dr. Julie Clockston, LCSW, Cert Ed, is the founder of Julie Clockston Counseling LLC and Redwood Coaching and Consulting LLC. Dr. Clockston is the mother of four; they are her most significant gifts in life. She is the current president of The Association for Successful Parenting (TASP). She’s worked with individuals living with cognitive difficulties for 26 years. Her dissertation is specific to the population of parents who live with developmental/cognitive disabilities. 


Dr. Clockston is a solopreneur, therapist, competency-based parent assessor and speaker/lecturer. She enjoys students. She is a field instructor for Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) and Master of Social Work (MSW) students. She considers her current work a pentacle. She is an Assistant Professor on the tenure track who values social justice and education. 


She is the honored recipient of the inaugural 2018 National Association of Social Workers (NASW CO) Early Career Social Worker Award. She is the current president of NASW Colorado, and a member of the Denver Chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW). She is active on other not-for-profit and higher education boards. She specializes in various therapeutic modalities, but her extensive study and time working with individuals who have experienced trauma allow her to provide exceptional care to individuals who have been victimized.


Dr. Clockston is a former state-licensed therapeutic foster parent. She has a background in Early Childhood Education. Outside of her social work designation scope, she infused human service into all the work and trades she participated in. She worked in the community as a licensed real estate broker with a passion for socioeconomically marginalized individuals and first-time home buyers. She received her BSSW and MSW degrees from the Metropolitan State University of Denver and her Post-Masters Certificate in Education and Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN.

You can see Dr. Julie and each respective Co-Author at

Dr. Julie Clockston LCSW, Cert Ed Visionary Author

Mrs. Diona Shelton, LCSW Co-Author

Dr. Karnesha Smith, DSW, LCSW, M-RAS Co-Author

Dr. Cheryl Fergerson, DSW, LMSW

Dr. Andrea Grannum-Mosley Co-Author

Dr. Keara Ndhlovu, DSW, MSW

Dr. Zodelia Williams, DSW, LMSW

Dr. Kia R. McCray, DSW, LSW 

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