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Countdown to Mother's Day: Day Fifteen Brittnay Beck

In honor of Mother's Day, Doctoral Mom would like to introduce you to the amazing women that make up the Doctoral Mom group. Join us as we listen to their advice and stories.

Today for Countdown to Mother’s Day Doctoral Mom has the honor of presenting Brittany Beck. Brittnay is a mother to one from Louisiana Tech University. Brittnay’s area of study is business administration in marketing.

Motherhood How did you manage juggling the various aspects of motherhood while working and pursuing your doctorate? "I've learned throughout my doctoral journey that achieving balance is all about setting boundaries around my priorities. Early in the journey I had to confront and accept that I can only compare my progress to that of an earlier version of myself, not to my colleagues, who are in different stages of their lives. Once I was able to accept this, I realized I needed to be clear about the long-term goals I want to achieve, not only in the program, but also who I want to be and how I want to live this one precious life. I realized that for me to be successful, in my own right, I need to put my family first and career second. There is no success outside of the home that could make up for a loss inside the home. With this priority established, it became much clearer to see that working hard at the office means I can enjoy the time I have with my family once I'm home. This also means working hard at the office helps me reach a long-term goal of providing a better life for my family. Ultimately, understanding what I want out of this journey has helped me to be more efficient with the time I'm given and achieve that ever precious work/life balance." Doctoral Program What tips do you have that might make it easier for mothers who are thinking about pursuing their doctorate? "The greatest tip I have for mothers considering the doctoral journey is to get clear about what you want to achieve in the long run of your life. Throughout the doctoral journey, we may feel like we are climbing a mountain and extra weight is constantly being added our backpacks. At times, it may even feel like no one wants to see us succeed. But, if we hold steadfast to the vision of how our lives will be ever changed at the mountaintop, our determination cannot be defeated. By understanding what it is you hope to get out of life, you will better endure your doctoral journey."

Career What were your biggest struggles and how was Doctoral Mom Incorporated helpful to you? "My greatest struggle throughout the doctoral journey was the feeling of isolation. It felt as if no one could understand what I was going through and no matter how much I talked to close friends and family my experiences were unrelatable."

Is there anything else you want us to know? "Thank you all so much for what you do! This group has truly made my doctoral journey more bearable."

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